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Running a successful business is challenging and for many entrepreneurs, the odds are stacked against them. An instinctive desire to learn is a key success driver but practical, informative advice can sometimes be hard to find.

The entrepreneurs' toolkit is a step in the right direction. Developed in conjunction with Smith & Williamson, each toolkit offers a challenge and a solution, equipping the entrepreneur with the fundamentals they need to understand in a host of business areas. If you would like access to these free resources, then please sign up here. Every month you will receive a toolkit on a topic or subject of interest.

The toolkits are short and easy to read, covering topics including:

Validating your business and strategy

Raising equity

How to get bank funding in 5 easy steps

Making your business more profitable

Tips for raising money from external investors

Motivating your employees

Reducing owner dependency

Updating your business plan

Budgeting & forecasting

Validating your business and strategy

Corporate responsibility


Selling your business

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